Our new site launches!

This year Fountain has been operating as a type foundry for 15 years. To celebrate this we decided to make some changes.
Fountain is proud to announce the launch of our new website, a brand new OpenType library and the release of 4 new typefaces.

New OpenType library

It took a while – a bit longer than we guessed and hoped – but we are very happy to finally have converted the fonts in our library into the OpenType format. It has not bewn an easy task. When necessary we have had to re-drawn the glyph curves from scratch and fix old glitches. The glyph sets has been expanded to cover full CE support. A full range of different OpenType features has been added. With this launch we say goodbye to the old legacy (PS1/TT) formats, and from now on the Fountain library will be available exclusively in the OpenType format.

Even though we worked hard to get all families ready, there is still a few families not fully ready at site launch time. We're working hard on them, and we promise to make them available in the beginning of next year.

We offer upgrades from legacy typefaces. Until January 31, 2009 we will offer very generous discounts (up to 68% off in some cases).
Have you bought any of our "Std" fonts (see list on the Upgrades page) within 2008 your upgrade discount is even more gentile – 90% off.

To be able to upgrade you must have purchased the typeface directly from us. More info at www.fountaintype.com/support/upgrades/

New website

The site has been re-designed from scratch with a new strong database foundation. The pages load quicker, and we have an easier time updating. Our domain name has changed to fountaintype.com so will be easier to find us, old links will be redirected and old email addresses will still work.
The typefaces can now be downloaded directly after purchase. We will miss the direct contact with our customers, but this will save time for all parties. You are of course still always welcome to contact us.

We've added a new way to test the fonts and their OT features by using the amazing LetterSetter application so nicely put together by Letterror. It's available through the typeface pages, please take it for spin.

The 4 new typefaces

On this day of celebration it would be suitable to not only update our old fonts, but also to release some new typefaces. We think the selection is a nice mix of genres, and we also take the oppertunity to say welcome to two new type designers – Lucas Brusquini and Göran Söderström.

Atlantik - Ocean ornaments in 6 fonts

Atlantik is a font family filled with ornaments related to the waves . Based on patterns from old specimen books it holds a collection of 213 single ornaments divided into 6 sets.
Exclusively available in OpenType format.

Designed by Sylvia and Daniel Janssen.

Download a PDF specimen

Dessau Pro - A historical sans serif family

Dessau is a take on Bauhaus typography with an Hungarian twist. This typeface family consists of a total of 11 different styles, and variations.
Full CE support. Exclusively available in OpenType format.

Designed by Gábor Kóthay.

Download a PDF specimen

Flieger Pro - A geometric script in three weights

The origin for this typeface comes from an old logotype. But Göran Söderström has expanded the idea to a large glyph collection of alternates,swashes, end-glyphs and ligatures. Lotta Bruhn added a set of illustrations in font format to go with the typeface and a set of wing initials.
Full CE support. Exclusively available in OpenType format.

Designed by Göran Söderström. Illustrations and wings by Lotta Bruhn.

Download a PDF specimen

Tycho Pro - A serif family rooted in the stars above

The typeface Tycho started as a college project. The printed works of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, was the starting point. It soon became clear that the font used was of very poor quality and most likely a mix of several different fonts. Gradually the work shifted from pure revival to the design of a new typeface. Tycho comes in four styles – Book, Book Italic, Bold and Display – all with full CE support, Small Caps and OT features.
Full CE support. Exclusively available in OpenType format.

Designed by Lucas Brusquini.

Download a PDF specimen

have a nice day

Peter Bruhn
[Principal Designer & Proprietor]