Montrachet is a text version of Monteverdi. It is optimized for text sizes, that is around ten to twelve points, but this conversion has been done in the spirit of classical lead type. There, each size was a separate design, and small sizes did necessarily feature a relatively larger x-height, less hairline/stroke contrast, more robust serifs, slightly wider proportions and looser fitting than the larger, titling sizes. In spite of this, Monteverdi has true Renaissance proportions.

In keeping with its general style, it offers roman, italic and small caps (inside the Roman font), the first two with the lower-case figures any decent text face should have. In civilized typesetting, small caps are really much more useful than a clumsy boldface.

Montrachet is designed so that ligatures such as f-l, ff-l, f-b and f-j build themselves from parts. Thus, no ligature glyphs are necessary.