Waldstein, named for young Beethoven's sponsor, has much in common with the "Scotch" faces cut around 1800. Waldstein, like these, is a relaxed and legible text face of the 'modern' persuasion, well suited to normal reading sizes.

Waldstein is a modern face which, had this been a historic revival, would have been placed somewhere in the evolutionary history between Baskerville and Bulmer.

A close look will however reveal that this is an original modern design done from scratch, in line with the design philosophy of our time, lean, straightforward and economical. This of course is most clearly seen in the italics, which are very far from the florid italics of the ending 18th century. They are in fact roman-italic hybrids.

The italics have been matched in "colour" to the romans, i.e. they are just enough lighter to compensate for the greater density, so that both are of the same optical weight. Separate ligatures are not necessary: they make themselves.

The many weights give Waldstein great versatility for text work.