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In 2010 Peter was commissioned to design a wordmark for the documentary Harbour of Hope. The type was to ellicit Malmö’s harbor, and Peter found inspiration from the painted type of industrial tankers docked in his hometown. After completing the wordmark, Peter went on to draft the entire typeface. A departure from his previous work, Bruhn Sans was drawn to be strict and reserved, given the subject matter. Unfortunately the typeface was not ready for release before Peter’s untimely passing. As friends and colleagues, Rui Abreu and Göran Söderström took up where Peter left off and completed Bruhn Sans, bringing a larger sense of closure.

Malmö Docks

Bruhn Sans Light

“It’s been over a year since Peter Bruhn passed and it still feels strange to think that he is no longer with us. He was truly a generous person, not only because he shared his time and knowledge, but was also an inspiring spirit who had a bright and positive approach, with patience and kindness. He could bring out the best in type designers looking to take things a step further. Peter was a mentor who over the years became a good and dear friend, or maybe it was the other way around.

I was always very happy to hear his thoughts, and his tips and advice still echo in my head in my daily work. For this alone I don’t think I will ever forget him.

It’s been a great experience to join efforts with Göran in finishing this typeface. Our collaboration in the last part of this project is something I think Peter would smile upon. This is a project he was excited about and would be another release to celebrate with him in the flesh, but he now joins us in his typeface.”

 Rui

No Teachers

Bruhn Sans Medium

“I could never learn stuff by going to school and listening to teachers. For better or worse, I always had to jump out and just do stuff. Interacting with peers, both type designers and not, has become my lifelong learning process.

The one person from whom I’ve learned the most about type design is without a doubt Peter Bruhn.

I have realised that Peter was the most important person during my first learning years. He stuck with me both as a friend and inspirator through my whole career up until his passing. I always showed him my work, both custom and retail, and he always saw things to improve that no one else could.

Peter had quite a lot of unfinished typefaces, so finishing this together with Rui feels special. This is my way of thanking Peter for everything he taught me and for being such a good friend though the years.”

 Göran

Adjö, Kompis

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