License Agreement

This is an End User License Agreement (EULA) between you (the End User) and Fountain™. Please read this Agreement carefully! By downloading and/or installing Fountain™ Font Software, you are agreeing to the terms of this license.

"End User" means a retail customer who has purchased a license to use the product rather than for distribution or resale. An End User is not defined as a distributor, sub-distributor, reseller, dealer, sub licensee, agent, representative, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or other wholesale buyer, etc. If you are NOT an End user and wish to distribute or resell Fountain™ software, please read below under "Special Licenses"

The purchase of a Fountain™ license grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use a copy of the Font Software on three (3) computers and/or devices at a single geographic location at one time. The geographic restriction does not apply to portable computers. One copy may be made for back-up. This software is copyrighted and contains intellectual property information protected by law. You are not allowed to make duplicates (except for one back-up copy), reproduce, sell, transfer, license, give away or otherwise distribute the Font Software in any form.

Multi-Users License Agreement

If you plan to install the Font Software on more than three (3) computers and/or devices at a single geographic location, you are required to purchase a multi-users license.

[This is easily be done on the website by simply filling in the amount of users. The right amount of licenses will then be shown. If you are still unsure how this works please contact us.
If you plan to install the Font Software on more than two hundred (200) computers and/or devices at a single geographic location, please contact us.

Special Licenses

If you are an design bureau, acting on behalf of an design bureau or otherwise acting in a similar capacity or for the benefit of a third party, the purchase of a license for your client is required and depending upon the scope of the intended use, a further license upgrade and/or the purchase of a special license is required. Please contact us.

A special license is required to use Fountain™ Software in logo design, with or in electronic books or games, signage, goods for sale, retail packaging, or alphabet products such as scrapbook products or software, adhesive or rub on lettering, game playing or gaming devices irrespective of whether the Font Software itself is embedded into the device or if it is merely the designs of the Fonts embodied in the Font Software that are displayed.


This Fountain™ Font Software is copyrighted and contains intellectual property information protected by Swedish law, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties. Any copyright, trademark and other rights belong to Fountain™. This agremeent gives you the right to use the Font Software, you do not gain the ownership of it.

Service bureau use

You may lend a copy of this Font Software to any service bureau which you hire for output, provided that they do not use the Font Software for any purpose other than outputting your work.

Embedding of Font Software

Embedding of Font Software into documents or internet pages is only permitted in a secured read/print-only mode as long as the document itself is not a commercial product.

This is permitted for viewing and printing, but not for editing. If someone at a remote location wants to edit a document that contains embedded Fonts, they must purchase a license of their own. Internal corporate documents with embedded Fonts may of course be edited on licensed workstations.

If you wish to embed Font Software that will not be in a secured read/print-only mode use and/or as the document itself is a commercial product, you must contact Fountain™ to purchase an special license (see above"Special Licenses")

Modification of Font Software

You are allowed to modify the fonts for your customary personal and business use under the following conditions:

a) You may not distribute, or transfer your adaptations without the written consent of Fountain™.

b) Each workstation where a modified Font is installed shall be counted as one of your permitted number of computers and/or devices.

c) You may not make, or authorize or commission a third party to make, customized versions of the Fonts for use by your clients.

Fountain™ will prepare customized fonts according to your specifications. Please contact Fountain™ for more information about customized fonts.

Except as expressly provided herein, this Agreement does not grant you any right to intellectual property rights in the Software and its associated trademarks. You are not allowed to make duplicates, reproduce, sell, transfer, license, give away or otherwise distribute the the modified Font Software in any form.


Fountain™ has the right to terminate your license immediately if you fail to comply with any term of this Agreement. Upon termination you must destroy the original and any copies of the Font Software and documentation.

Disclaimer and warranty

Fountain makes no warranties expressed or implied as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise. Without limiting the aforementioned, Fountain shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, and loss of business information, arising out of the use or inability to use the product. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED. Some states/countries do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties, and you may have other rights which may vary from state/country. FOUNTAIN™ AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY FOR ANY GENERAL, SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THE FONT SOFTWARE. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusions of limitations related to purchases by consumers. To the greatest extent permitted by law, any implied warranties or exclusions not effectively excluded by this License are limited to thirty (30) days. Fountain™ reserves the right to decline to license Fountain™ Font Software to any party at Fountain’s sole discretion. At the sole discretion of Fountain™, Fountain™ Font Software may be discontinued or be replaced with an alternative at any time without prior notice and any rights granted to use Fountain™ Font Software may be revoked, and you, your employer and/or your client if applicable, agree not to use Fountain™ Font Software in the future.

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